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  • A Full Member of the Music Teacher's Association of NSW(M.M.T.A).

  • Bachelor degree of Music Pedagogy.

  • A full time piano tutor, work in a few music schools in the south of sydney.


With over fifteen years of teaching experience and an professional background as a piano teacher, Nancy brings both her passion and her expertise to the piano, helping you believe & achieve!


What some happy piano students say:  

"Thank you so much for the guidance. You have given me in playing the piano, and learning to see the instrument in a new light "


- Nina. W

"Thank you for your love and patience with all our love. We really appreciate your ongoing assistance for the a few years."


- Kosta & Joanna. P

"You have always been in your critique and encouraging. I am really enjoyable learning piano with you."


- Winni Anyi. C

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